22 November 2012

Da Smashin' Pumpkinz - WIP 1

An exciting Man Cave development over the last two weeks has been Right Stuff embarking on his first real painting project.  He played with painting before but had no real inspiration to try something out.  That changed recently when he came up with an idea for an Orc Blood Bowl team with a different play style to his usual one, centred around Black Orcs and Blitzers.  He then developed his own theme, finally settling on 'Da Smashin' Pumkinz' (possibly to be renamed the 'Pumkin' Smasherz') with an associated orange and brown colour scheme.

I had some old Warhammer Orcs and with a few weapon snips we were away with the first half of the team (and looking forward to the rest of them arriving Comrade James!).  They aren't finished, but are in a position for some WIP pictures - I know that Right Stuff would appreciate feedback and tips on how he might improve them.  While I have helped with some technique demonstrations and a small amount of detailing, its all his own work.  Here are his starting lineup figs, enough for a game of Blood Bowl 7s at least while we await the additional figs (hint hint Comrade James!)

3 Black Orcs - 1 more to come
currently nicknamed "Flashtoof" this one is Right Stuff's favourite fig and will be the team's captain 

1 Blitzer - 3 more to come
2 Throwers

1 Lineman - to come 

1 Goblin - 1 more to come in the future 

He is also taking 3 Re-Rolls, to which he will get a skill package for a Team Value of 120. As this is for our home league, I'm letting him draft two developed players from his other Orc team "the Death Stars" (link) as part of this starting TV.  One of these is a 5ST Black Orc with Jump Up so you can see where that one is heading...next skill: Piling On - ouch!

So a great start to the painting project and I know these are a mile above my first ever brush efforts. Thanks to our friend Ken he has developed a good idea of the basecoat/wash/drybrush technique and now, as we all know, its time to get better through lots of practice!

Comments most welcome please!


  1. Great looking team nice work on these.

  2. Very good start. Exciting to see the lad branching out into other aspects of the hobby. I can only dream of one day having my kids paint all my figures for me ;)

  3. The skin looks really really good. Might I just suggest he does something to the black orcs so it's obvious what they are. Is a frequent complaint I have about 40k or whfb orcs being used for bb teams. Even just something like painting their helmets black could work.

    The orange is the only bit that looks like it could use something. A little more highlight or a little more shading or both would really make it pop more. Orange is a great colour combo with their green skin.

    Good work laddie!

  4. Very fun. Orange & green is a good combo. For Black Orcs, if they all have horned helmets, which so far looks like they do, and none of the other orcs have horned helmets then that should work to identify them. can also make their skin darker. I tend to use a blue-green for their skin.

    starting with a strength 5 black orc? guess that explains why no (need for a) troll!

  5. Well done Right Stuff, great job.

  6. Very good work for starting out. Way beyond my first attempts with humbrols sometime back in an age before seasons began.

  7. Nice start. Imo, the light brown doesn't make much contrast with the orange. I'd rather use a more dark or red brown, or maybe some touches of blue.
    Keep up the good work.