31 October 2015

Tanktober #31

We are closing out this year's Tanktober with this blast from the past of'Oberst Owen' and I posing with a classic Panzer more than a few years ago now - and she is a movie star no less!

30 October 2015

Tanktober #30

The penultimate AFV for Tanktober - this time its a cheeky action shot submitted by Barks.
Thanks mate!

26 October 2015

Tanktober #26

600th Anniversary

Today is the 600th anniversary of the English Victory at the Battle of Agincourt

I managed to visit the battle site a decade or so ago

In December we will be visiting London and am looking forward to seeing this display:

25 October 2015

Tanktober #25

If you've been to this venue I think you'll recognise it immediately:

21 October 2015

England Expects that Every Man Shall Do His Duty

The famous hoist onboard Nelson's flagship HMS Victory

We interrupt the steady stream of Tanktober goodness (you can find today's entry here) to remember the 210th Anniversary of this great naval engagement and the death of Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson who was fatally wounded during the battle.  Raise your glass "To the Immortal Memory"


In the meantime HMS Victory, which remains the oldest commissioned warship in the world, has been restored to her 1805 colours and raised some eyebrows...


Tanktober #21

To mark the end of Tanktober week 3 we have another special guest submission, this time from my old gaming buddy "Oberst Owen".  This one is quite the challenge...

19 October 2015

Tanktober #19

Movie Review: The Martian

Back in July I read the Andy Weir's book The Martian and posted a positive review of that here.
I went and saw the movie today and thought a follow up was warranted.

Ridley Scott has doen a great job with the film adaptation and stayed very true to the book.  At 2hr 22 min he had to cut a few of the challenges that Astronaut Mark Watney faces on the Red Planet, and he added a few scenes at the end which overall I think gave a better sense of closure to the story.

With only one exception, I thought the casting was very good and the characters.  Sean Bean doesn't even die in this movie, which makes a change for him.

Overall, a very good movie.  Read the book first and its even better.

16 October 2015

Tanktober #16

Remember: bonus points are awarded for being first to correctly ID the tank AND pick the location.  The latter is a toughie for this one though...

Tanktober #15

Something special for Tanktober's half way point!
For those just joining in, feel free to go back and fill in your answers for previous entries to catchup

14 October 2015

Tanktober #14

To celebrate the completion of the second week of Tanktober 2015, the ever dapper Dux Hormunculorum (the original creator of Tanktober BTW) has provided this submission.  Thanks mate, and you'll get credited one point in thanks!

12 October 2015

10 October 2015

Tanktober #10

Bonus points Saturday - for additional scores:
* identify BOTH the tanks in the Background and the Foreground
* What was the common slang name given to the foreground Tank by its crews?

Tanktober #9

Be careful, you'll need the right model number this time...

09 October 2015

Tanktober #9

Be careful, you'll need the right model number this time...

08 October 2015

Tanktober #8

Something more vintage today:
Looking a bit younger again.  I wish I could do that trick...

7th Amnesiaversary Giveaway Winner!

A big hello and thanks to Millsy and Evan over at the Cannister and Grape blog. The boys recently ran a "7th Amnesiaversary Giveaway" to celebrate their blogversary. I was thrilled to be told I had won the GW Nurgle Chaos Lord prize and he is now destined to be a Star Player or a Chaos Warrior for one of Right Stuff's Blood Bowl teams.

Thanks Lads - very much appreciated!  Congrats on the blog milestone and I'm looking forward to many more years of fantastic eye candy there!


"Star Quarterback Glorg Puscrusher"
PS If you are looking for today's Tanktober image look here

07 October 2015

Tanktober #7

A week in and some good scores are racking up! If you've missed some along the way feel free to go back and do them now and the points will be credited - answers wont be published until Tanktober ends.

Here is the Tally thus far - some good leads but its still anyone's game.
Those bonus points really help out too :-)
Correct at time of graph generation - no responsibility taken for later entries not being reflected here :-)

06 October 2015

Tanktober #6

Somewhere a little different today!
Hmmm...the Lad looks a bit smaller in this one!

05 October 2015

Tanktober #5

Mixing it up a bit today.  My intention was to post only pics of tanks which I have personally visited, but the spirit of Tanktober is clearly contagious and I received this submission from Steve H from Firebase Ares blog.  Tanks a lot Steve!

04 October 2015

03 October 2015

Tanktober #3

Tanktober competition Day 3 presents this very characterful beast (see here).

Just to be clear on scoring:
      1 point for correct identification of the vehicle
      1 point for doing so first
      1 point for identifying the location

You can go back and fill out any missed days at any time, so late-commers can catch up easily.

02 October 2015

Tanktober #2

The Tanktober competition continues (see here) - feel free to go back and complete the previous entry also.  Good luck!

And with yours truly!

01 October 2015

Tanktober Begins!

Happy Tanktober everyone!

Tanktober is a month to zealously promote tracked behemoths.  Hard to argue with that really!

As I have no ability to model or build tanks in my current condition, I will be dedicating my Tanktober homage activities this year to publishing pictures of tanks, but only those which I have personally taken.

The reciprocal challenge to you guys is to identify the tank pictured each day.
I'll keep a tally and whoever gets the most points over the month will win a prize!
Bonus points for being the first to get the right answer and/or the location :-)

We shall start with an easy one to get you going: